He looked at Don Crisp came to him, his head flashed the scene just saw.

Undershortwhiteshirt,revealingaslenderhalfpaleskin,blacktightsbeambeinghugged,slenderandslim.Difficultbendingaction,wecan … Continue Reading >He looked at Don Crisp came to him, his head flashed the scene just saw.

  Under short white shirt, revealing a slender half pale skin, black tights beam being hugged, slender and slim.Difficult bending action, we can see that the ratio of waist length willow also a bit on the soft, thin, graceful if less than two slap a pinch.
  ”So how do you wake up early?”Don Crisp squat in front of Yanjing Yang, lips With a smile.
  They are very close, Yanjing Yang looked half a small head, clearly see the flu北京夜网sh after Don crisp white face glowing movement, Wei Chuan her breathing, chest with a V, a bit sweaty wet cloth perspective.
  Yanjing Yang raw tender brow tightly twisted, closely board with his little face, Pianguo Tou, completely and Don crisp on the TV, “you were awakened.”Pointy ears red, Xiong Baba tone is unusually.
  ”I’m sorry, ah, next time I will tone it down a bit music.”Don thought he had to get up crisp air, said softly.
  For the little guy, fierce and serious look, Don Crisp has been accustomed to seeing strange.According to the degree he hated her, Don Crisp did not expect the other party Haoshenghaoqi the way, also thanks to his cute looks, she will him as a kid actor losing his temper.
  As long as this time will serve this small ancestors good, he hastened to restore the original body, or leave with the care of the h深圳桑拿网ousehold, she would be free Happy.
  Breakfast is made sandwiches, which put the bread ingredients is sufficient, bite up, people very satisfying.
  And placed in front of Yanjing Yang, that has been cut into small pieces of sandwiches, convenient for him to eat.
  Don Crisp poured a glass of milk in his hand, and h上海夜网e drank a large glass full, “I finished, going to school, and you alone at home, what do you call me any time.”
  Yanjing Yang downcast eyes, his eyes fell on a plate, “ah.”Until Don Crisp took the bag, got up and walked out, he was lifted eyes, deep eyes and tender little buns face completely inconsistent slowly fell on her slender back.