ught something to ginger and though not seen, but he felt that there should be no special.

HefeltjustLinHandrinkmuch,soIwanttoputasmallheadstrong.NowGingerandproblemsdonotcarewhatclotheswerewetandt杭州桑拿helike,anyway,getwetand … Continue Reading >ught something to ginger and though not seen, but he felt that there should be no special.

  He felt just Lin Han drink much, so I want to put a small headstrong.
  Now Ginger and problems do not care what clothes were wet and t杭州桑拿he like, anyway, get wet and it does not matter, one would have done.
  Such lounged walk, but walk across the room for two minutes to go.
  He patted Lin Han said, “we went to the room, I see what you want.”
  After Lin Han up here was the waiter to clean the well, the two of them are to live separately, but the ginger and glanced at the room, I feel really Lin Han drunk, there is no g南宁夜生活网ive him something.
  After to his room, Lin Han really satisfied with the ginger and let go of holding back the arm, but took the ginger and hands, looks ready his escape.
  Ginger’s hand and pulled the bed away, soft mattress, white sheets.
  Lin Han opened on a quilt, then he sat up and said, “Come, ginger and.”
  Her voice is slow, but let ginger and swallowed saliva, he sat down at the edge of the bed, looking at the girl sitting on the bed and said, “how, and want me to see?”
  Lin Han pulled him to the bed with straining, ginger and Han Lin had to climb up the bed, watching Lin Han took just opened a quilt cover in two people’s heads.
  Because a large bed, the quilt is also a great relationship, then what is covered so we could not see, in this dark and confined spaces, as if two people only hear breathing.
  Lin Han’s上海夜网 hand groped for a moment, and touched the face of ginger, ginger and at the time thought Lin Han wanted to kiss him, she took out his cell phone to.
  Ginger and: “.?”
  This is serious about it?Lin Han had wanted to take him to the yard to play with the phone yet?
  Just still thinking how they have to reject Han Lin Jiang and suddenly was looking forward to throwing off.
  Lin Han mysterious said, “Come, let me take a look at how much money you.”

Chapter 87 end
  Exactly how much this thing, but for Lin Han is a big secret, the tree attracts the wind, mon