s to the extreme, some Koubuzeyan, but now It seems, I said everything wrong.”

GuLengtiredbook.”Theoldladyliferefusedtoadmitmistakes,butyouarenotthesame,youcanseewheretheirownright,butalsotrytomakeup,eveniftomakeupforthewaycontraryt北京夜网otheir … Continue Reading >s to the extreme, some Koubuzeyan, but now It seems, I said everything wrong.”

  Gu Leng tired book.
  ”The old lady life refused to admit mistakes, but you are not the same, you can see where their own right, but also try to make up, even if to make up for the way contrary t北京夜网o their true thoughts, you still do that, you’re not a selfish people, “Zhou Zhou Ji smile,” has never been, at that time I was wrong, I want to apologize.”
  Gu tired stared at her book, those who almost became his nightmare, then completely blurred in his mind.He and my grandmother is not the same, even if similar start, he can le北京体验网arn to respect the choices of others later, immediately embarked on two different directions.
  I do not know how long he stupidly, it’s difficult to turn back the topic: “What, you mean, before I have been wrong to not care about the?”
  ”Ok.”In fact, after she left, she did not seem to care about it too, but if tired Gu book must listen to her say so, she had to calm response.
  Gu tired book to see her nod, my heart suddenly put down a boulder: “That’s good, then I can say that the second thing.”
  Gu tired of the book Adam’s apple moved, the people are in a state of tension, long while before slowly opening: “We can try it?”

Chapter 54
  Zhou Zhou season by his sudden turn shocked, long while silent laugh: “I think this thing is over.”He just reflect that a large section of the case, is it not a summary of 上海夜网the past?
  ”Is gone, so now I ask you again as an ordinary man, can you?”Gu book tired voice calm, but slightly sweaty palms,” This time I will not be stuck with you, not force you, it will not do you do not like something, you, you give me one, and a your chance to try it?”
  Zhou Zhou Zhengleng season he finished looking at this large segment, then a long while to think of it countered: “But, but I tell you.”
  ”I know you do not have that dynamic heart to me, I just want you to try it, do not refuse me to pursue, if not like to forget it, but at least giv