“Prince.”Afishtogetofftosalutegesture.ZhaoConglifted,raisinghishand:”bigrainoutside,Xiaogirlsdonothavemu … Continue Reading >

  ”Prince.”A fish to get off to salute gesture.
  Zhao Cong lifted, raising his hand: “big rain outside, Xiao girls do not have much ceremony.”
  A fishing recover feet, eyes looked Zhao Cong asks, can not be dedicated to come say hello, they’re not that friendship.
  Zhao Cong remember when coming crop is about to深圳桑拿 harvest the crop, he originally intended to go and visit Cuiwei Hill, now met, he asked twice.
  A fishing Hsin Tao Sure enough, Zhao Cong on the experimental field more than she got the idea that this burst of view several times, but fortunately every time quietly, otherwise the quasi-sensation.
  ”Excuse the girl Xiao.”After I ask, Zhao Cong gentle smile.
  A fishing also smiled: “Prince polite, this is my fair share of things.”
  Zhao Cong a little nod, turned out a few steps, I heard a distant roar, ground-breaking, at the foot of the earth gently vibrate.

Chapter 13 true and false daughter 13
  ”Yu” Yang Bo frightened horse neighing, suddenly jump out, the unsuspecting driver dumped the carriage.It was dragged carriages swaying, as if the next moment will overturning, the car hit her maid compartment walls, speechless Tongjia苏州桑拿o.
  A fish caught off guard on the head knocked a big bag, pain refreshing, one hand and the arm, one hand on his lips called whistle.
  High and low whistle pass out from the compartment, Frantic horse slowly slow speed, parked on the roadside.
  Immediately ordered the guards to save people’s voice still floating in the air, ready to rescue people have freely drilled carriage, he touched wet horsehair, while the name of whistle.
  Restless horse completely quiet, Kingo Wei side of the horse is no longer manic rude, the horse is confused rush of relief Kingo guard on horseback, not far from surprised to see everywhere in the rain gi