as nothing too special, delicious taste not have to see personal taste children.

ZhangYuyuthought,estimateshestillhavetothinkthatribsstewedpotatoestasteofwhatcanbedeliciouspoint,thedatesribsorleaveit.Notthatyouson,donotcometoacceptthosespecialtastes.Dianshaitwho … Continue Reading >as nothing too special, delicious taste not have to see personal taste children.

  Zhang Yuyu thought, estimates he still have to think that ribs stewed potatoes taste of what can be delicious point, the dates ribs or leave it.
  Not that you son, do not come to accept those special tastes.
  Diansha it whole.
  ”Staple food is not much different from to?We can not be the whole point of it steamed rice南宁桑拿论坛?I pack a few dumplings zayang?”Zhang Yuyu go out wandering around a circle, took a big tub has good face back.
  ”I see again buns dumplings zayang?Sister is the last time you did that Jasper dumplings, I eat the taste is really OK, with that color so much the better Look, is not it!”This is Zhang Yuyu and Sumi said as he gave put things settle down.
  ”If you like it, then pack a little chant, I also quite like to eat, and two children also like the color.In fact, not only dumplings package jasper, let me think of something, let’s do something else eat dumplings, always look at a color botheration.”Sumi jujube ribs practice to say about the cloud shallow, and that they intend to start doing something dishes.
  Really, though just said, that “window dressing” to do her dishes, but by the time she really do not feel a little scene, 广州桑拿网and two kinds of dishes on the table a split, does not look good is not, simply to We have come to the same, real, tricks sub stronger than those to, as long as delicious, and consequently it is stronger than the.
  This meal, Sumi really completely gone really do not have any gimmicks route.
  Chicken mushroom stew, pickled white meat, leeks box, dates pork ribs, beef persimmon soup, jade dumplings, beef dumplings, pork 都市夜网buns, sharp slide liver, braised pork, sweet and sour fish, goldfish tofu, chili beef and a pearl balls.
  Nothing special dishes, but full to the brim of 往桌子上一 place on the very introduction of appetite.
  ”Sis, you said you have to do some fancy cuisine?I looked at how we usually eat it all?”Zhang Yuyu spoke, he put the papers into the hands of the spicy cabbage on the table.
  She looked stunned these dishes, looked back at Sumi.