heart of Prince.

YaoMingperiodtopullpeopleupeagerlyandsaid,”Areyouokay.”QinWenSuhand,hadawoundtoherhand,snappedit,drippingbloodontheground,therocketYaoMingperio … Continue Reading >heart of Prince.

Yao Ming period to pull people up eagerly and said, “Are you okay.”

Qin Wen Su hand, had a wound to her hand, snapped it, dripping blood on the ground, the rocket Yao Ming period just gave her more directly Bi broken.

“Bi.”Su Qin Wen Organization with 南宁夜网eyebrows gently, this child北京夜生活 suet Bi too thin, she suddenly fell when broken into two halves, cut her hand.

Su exquisite good eyesight, far to see this scene.

With kite flying and bird spirit over, over time, just to see Yao Ming period the hands of Su Qin Wen Bi throw the floor and cried, directly picked up a handkerchief, “you have a doctor?”He told the Old Woman said fiercely,” you did not see people hurt?”

Then an exception in a caring and gentle tone of Qin Wen Su said, “it hurts, do not worry, this poetry, the general reserve must have a doctor.”

Qin Wen Su grabbed the wrist, tears hung on long eyelashes, and then looked up the time in tears, saw the Soviet Union exquisite line.Su Qin Wen Yao Ming segment tugged the sleeves to remind segment Yao Ming turned around, “Seiko.”

Yao Ming period in time广州桑拿网 to see the Soviet Union exquisite, look weird, strange voice, “Mother?”

Today in the Soviet Union exquisite gilt Shayi wearing a coat, pants horse face skirt Begonia red, eyebrows lit flower-tin, with a small head is Golden Delicious, ruby fall with tassels, hanging in her white cheek side.

Delicate Su Yao Ming did not care segment, he took out a handkerchief, wrapped in a direct hand picked that one broken in half still stained with human blood Bi.

Qin DynastySu Wen’s heart pounded, just think Yao Ming did not hesitate to throw segment Bi, Bi this should be a precious thing, but will not let the princess picked up in person, she could not help but to hide behind Yao Ming segment hide.

Yao Ming segment at the moment, suddenly think of it, Bi While this is the gift of the late emperor, is the Queen’s own grandfather was.

His heart suddenly beat up, but expect the usual princess love to own, in the end still a little emboldened.

He even frowning, unhappy to see