n my case, and you do not personally handing me a bowl of water gusto Yuntie my heart.”

☆,twohundredandthirteenchapters:thefeelingofheartLongQinglookedatSumi’seyesfirmlyandseriously,eyefulailmentswithaffect … Continue Reading >n my case, and you do not personally handing me a bowl of water gusto Yuntie my heart.”

  ☆, two hundred and thirteen chapters: the feeling of heart

  Long Qing looked at Sumi’s eyes firmly and seriously, eyeful ailments with affection dash of people do not consciously on the sink in which.
  ”I was wrong,” Sumi did not know what to say, she is not the dragon engine that goodwill are not, or else it would be natural to buy her jewelry wearing a dragon engine, it will not accept the dragon engine to send so precious gift to Chengz深圳桑拿网hi.
  But now everything is not clear, I will not speak she could not accept a total of paternity Kazuo and others, it is the dragon engine and that her identity is unbridgeable gap, not to mention her two children, she can not risk.
  If the two of them desperate attempt to be together, even if the last successful it must pay a very painful price, perhaps mixed with Sumi stepping on the bottom line of compromise.
  There is also a result, if in the end can not be together and how to do it?Long engine but it is the loss of a woman, perhaps a few years will be forgotten.
  Sumi that it?Perhaps that is facing ruin and death.
  What Sumi did not want to gamble on holding their own as well as the blossoming of life Chengzhi life.
  ”I was wrong and now just want to make a little extra money, properly raised my two children, looking at Chengzhi南宁桑拿 marry young married woman, blossoming marry a good home, as my thing, I do not want to consider now, and you and I “Sumi excited to want to tell a thought for his own heart, but was interrupted by a dragon engine.
  ”I know what you mean.”Long Qing gently point out a finger in the top Sumi lips, with a residual smell of sweet-scented osmanthus cake, sweet, astringent.
  ”I know what you mean, I know what your heart concerns, but these are not things you want to do the good, keep doing what you want to do, all the rest comes to me, give me some time, I will let you no longer have any hesitation.”Long Qing looked at Sumi struggle eyes, knew she was not half points for their affection at all, just tie him down too mu